War is hell

But integrating technology into your business doesn’t have to be. Not when you have your own private army behind you.

Army of Brainiacs will help you select technology solutions designed to automate common business tasks from sales and marketing, to bookkeeping and accounting.

With our Customer Relationship & Customer Service solutions, break through the noise of a crowded market with engaging campaigns that will increase the value of your customers and increase your revenue.

Your competitors will never know what hit them.

How We Can Help

Any good military strategist will tell you: to succeed, you must have a clear objective.
Our technology consulting services will help you clearly define attainable goals for your business, identify current challenges inhibiting your income streams and automate your processes for maximum productivity.

Get more out of your customers! Keeping in contact with and know what your customers are thinking about you are the keys to a good offense campaign. Our strategists will help you develop the kinds of intelligence that turns average customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Our website services can help solopreneurs, consultants and other small business professionals build their brand as an expert in their field. Whether you just need a little help putting together your DIY website (SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, etc) or you want a full blown custom site, Army of Brainiacs is ready to parachute in and take charge of the situation.